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the reason why We Ostracize our Relatives, Strangers, and Trusted friends...

The WORST!Kind Movement is a result of those unavoidable situations that require poise and rational when dealing with the everyday frustrations of interacting with people... It is especially tailored for those who understand the struggle of the people in our everyday lives that ridicule, impede, hinder or distract you from personal goals

WORST!KIND me against the world

The truth of the matter is that we all have fallen victim to the extremities our own emotions,W!K#14**Note WORST!**-Tee (Emotional) and having been the WORST!Kind , we can create a common understanding that the WORST!Kind  is inescapable and must be embraced in order to be contained...

So whether you're being successfully influenced by your BFF to spend your car note on sneakers or starting riots at the DMV, it is imperative for people to be smart when presented with the inevitability of the WORST!Kind . Starting by first taking the responsibility of keeping our own emotions intact and understanding our weaknesses.

The WORST!Kind movement is designed to raise awareness about the importance of emotional intelligence through creative design and humor. We must remember to stay focused on our goals and always be mindful of triggers that unleash the WORST!Kind  in order to emotionally adapt in adverse situations to achieve both personal and professional success


WORST! Family of Friends- Trusted friends and family that causes extreme frustration at every gathering

  • People who walk into your house (hopefully speak), and then B line to the fridge
  • Being in public with people who don't know how to control their children
  • Loud friends-  You know the ones that learned how to whisper in a helicopter... and always seem to want to tell you the W.O.R.S.T!KIND of stories in the most public of places
  • People who actually believe that everything takes 10 minutes
  • People who put spoilers all over social media when you have been binge watching Netflix trying to catch up on your favorite show
  • Great aunt’s Christmas gifts…WORST! GIFTS
  • Last day of school for parents/1st day of school for kids
  • when you hear the phrase”- I know its the same, but somehow yours always taste better…”

PUBLIC WORST!- Random encounters that have the potential to create sporadic complications or random confrontation with friends, enemies, and/or strangers in a hazardous or hostile environment

  1. When someone wears the same outfit as you at a party
  2. SIX FLAGS on the weekend
  3. Getting a ticket for parking illegally for like 10 seconds
  4. Waiting in line for Jordans
  5. Texting and driving
  6. Incompetent bosses
  7. Going to the DMV
  8. Those who don't have a sense of personal space boundaries
  9. People that sell an invention for millions that you came up with 20 years ago, but never pursued the dream

WORST! LUCK- When your attempt to do the right thing bites you in the behind

  1. Being completely honest
  2. Listening to your local meteorologists
  3. Stopping your car when a police officer asks you to pull over
  4. Taking your first shot
  5. Getting married
  6. letting your boyfriend decorate the house
  7. Starting a business
  8. Serving dinner "Cajun Style"
  9. Buying your girl something to eat without asking her what she wanted 


“ABSOLUTE” WORST!Kind -  Those egotistical self centered maniacs of the world that solely care about their own personal interests and desires...

  • People who purposely try to take advantage of you… 100% the reason why We Ostracize our Relatives, Strangers, and Trusted friends…
  • Politicians 
  • People who put random items back on the shelf in the wrong place at the grocery
  • “Gold diggers…” the Kanye song kind
  • People who are extremely attractive and know it
  • The person who stole your lunch out of the breakroom fridge
  • People who regularly practice speaking on subjects that they are ignorant in
  • Litter bugs
  • The "Time Wasters"
  • People who go to parties purposely looking for a fight
  • Movie texters

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