About Us

Our Mission

A lifestyle brand created to promote emotional intelligence and raise awareness about the inevitable frustrations of dealing with people... And how the elements of love, mistaken identities, jocularity, fear, anger and egotism can bring out the WORST!Kind in us all.

The Goal

To provide a powerful message through fashion and multimedia in order to make peace with the inescapable frustrations of life using whimsical reflections on integrity, shame, politics and other relevant areas in efforts to prompt the world to combat intemperance and aspire for benevolence. 

Gear Up!

As an invitation... WORST!Kind Global has cultivated a collection to finally provide the WORST!Kind of the world an opportunity to stylishly rock their flags with pride. We offer quality products, innovative designs, and creative artistry, all coupled with a little satire and comic relief.

So, remember to be Leary of the WORST! and understand that the potential is all around! And in everyone’s life, there will always be situations that beckon the question… Are you the WORST!Kind?