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W!K **Pet Peeves**

Know your WORST!


Whether its irritating Interruptions, over zealous slurping or the infamous One-Upping... Here are 40 Common Pet Peeves that expose your WORST!

The WORST!Kind movement is designed to raise awareness about the importance of emotional intelligence through creative design and humorWe must remember to stay focused on our goals and always be mindful of triggers that unleash the WORST!Kind  in order to emotionally adapt in adverse situations to achieve both personal and professional success...

Now a list of popular pain in the the neck "pet peeves" AKA the reason We Ostracize Relatives, Strangers, and Trusted friends...

What is a "pet peeve" you ask? Well Dictionary.com defines a pet peeve as "a particular and often continual annoyance; personal bugbear..." From pen-clicking to overly boisterous chewing, these pet peeves might make your skin crawl.


1. Gaudy Gum Chewers 

Like, the over zealous kind... With the incessant popping and sucking of the gum, and even WORST! the disgusting pulling in and out of the mouth with their fingers

Unless you're the Double Mint Twins... Be easy and save the smacking for the spades table...

**Know your WORST!**

The sound of someone chewing or smacking gum can be annoying, but for some people, these noises trigger instant rage or panic. This is not just an eccentricity. It is a real condition, and it's called misophonia.

2. Slurp Jerks

Another food-related WORST!  Spaghetti, Soup, Cereal (REALLY!) and the WORST! thats not only annoying but also has the potential to ruin hallmark moments... that flavorless icy mound at the bottom corner of a "squishy" during a movie... 

Turn that cup up! or get a spoon MF*****s,

keep it quiet—even if you're enjoying your favorite bowl of Campbells and while we're at it... Please don't talk while your mouth is full

**Know your WORST!** 

Slurping and smacking can be  pretty annoying for some but for others hearing these sounds leads to blood-boiling rage: and is another WORST!KIND trait that triggers the previously mentioned condition known as misophonia.

3. WORST! Walkers

Are you lost??? If you're going to walk so slowly, then you need to GTFOOTW and move around or off to the right. Some of us actually have *ish to do and move with a sense of urgency...

**Know your WORST!**

"sidewalk rage" an intermittent explosive disorder— or WORST!  the urge to act upon that pent-up anger the ambler in front of you inspires... 

4. Spitting

Mouth fluid is gross... Are you sick?? Spitting on the sidewalk, the ground or out the car window is the WORST! its disgusting not "cool..." and distasteful never cute.

**Know your WORST!**

Queunliskanphobia is the fear of saliva and spitting. Sufferers panic if they get saliva on them. They feel compelled to clean it off immediately.

When even the thought of spit repulses someone to the very core of their existence. The phobia gets really complicated and unfortunate when it comes to the simplest things like sharing drinks or food and being intimate with the people you're close to and/or love.


5. Tapping

Tapping fingers, beating on tables and desks or frequent pen clicking often can be self-stimulating for the one putting on the provoking performance... But! Can also be extremely distracting and drive others a little crazy Especially when associated with school or the office

**Know you WORST!**

another trigger for the infamous misophonia...

6. Public Phone Talkers

Is it rude to ask... "Hey, since your conversation is in a public space, you wouldn’t mind if we joined in and shared our opinion, would you? We’ll help you organize your weekend plans and solve your issues, and maybe then we can all enjoy a peaceful walk or ride home???"

Checking out at a store? Walking through a public place? No one wants to hear a boring, irritating one-way phone conversation. Also, You are forcing us to know way more than we ever wanted about you. What if we're on a bus and I'm trying to doze off? or a plane while trying to read?? Do your expect society at large to move because your head is buried in your phone? and please believe no one wants to be ignored while you send a text, either.

7. Loud Talkers

You know the ones that learned how to whisper in a helicopter... and always seem to want to tell you the W.O.R.S.T!KIND of stories in the most public of places

8. Nails on a chalkboard

There is no functional, practical, or utilitarian reason a chalkboard should ever be scratched by any object. To be honest this should be an actual crime...

9. Moochers

people are the WORST! and  innately greedy — a condition called  "mooching." Mooching is the co-worker who is happy to eat the candy, snacks and food you bring to work, but never reciprocates.

Alligator Arms... The one who never quite has enough money to pay for their lunch and needs to "borrow $5 on a $7 sandwich order." It's not that they don't have money. They do. They just prefer to spend other people's money. #worstkind

the reason




Strangers, and 

Trusted friends...

10. Sharing a car and leaving the gas on empty

Goes along with mooching...  Please believe its your job to fill up when your out joy riding in a shared vehicle... No one wants to be the next person to sit in the driver's seat only to realize the car's on E.


11. Pet hair all over clothes, floor or furniture

To all my pet lovers... Pet hair is cool only when its being worn by the host animal... Once it starts attaching itself to fresh fits, black pants especially leggings, the couch, and/or car upholstery, its the WORST! and your friends and family although understanding, might Ostracize you until you show a good track record of keeping clean.

12. Throat clearing, Frequent Coughing, and that nasty throat noise y'all make with your finger violently itching your ear hole...

 Are you sick?? if you don't take yo frothy throat @$$ on somewhere!

13. People who are one-uppers

You know the type, loud as a motor bike... but couldn't just listen even to a sound bite...

One-uppers are the people who always have one better... whether a story, joke or witty quote, they always have something that will elevate the last thing said to another level. They habitually one-up you, no matter the category.

 14. Bad grammar

"English MF*** Do you speak it?!?" Doesn't matter if it's in an email, an article, text or normal conversation... Learn how to speak! Bad grammar can be a turn-off and a grade-A pet peeve.

15. Loud computer clackers

Heavy handed or light touch? what's your type?

16. The person on public transport who just lets the music play

Headphones are awesome! They even make cordless ones now.

 17. Not tipping 20 percent

Listen unless your service is just bogus, then be a good tipper. God loves a cheerful giver

18. The co-worker who's always asking others to cover

Ok cool I got you... THIS TIME... But remember I don't want to be here either so don't make this a habit

19. Nail-clipping in inappropriate places

Umm... do you mind keeping your personal grooming in the bathroom or somewhere private in the comfort of your own home

20. People who can't apologize

You ever got what was supposed to be an apology but was just a bunch of words detailing the wrong done??

Two words, people: "my apologies." you don't always have to be "sorry" but at least remorseful 

21. Boundary Breakers

Some people are just too transparent way too early. Ever meet a person for the first time and before you know it, they're sharing personal details that you had no intention on knowing? Or "those" who have no concept of personal space. constantly in your personal space? to all you close talkers and body orbiters your lack of boundaries is just mind-boggling.


22. In-house meetings that could easily be held online

Like "why am I here?" Nothing like getting dressed, heading into the office and sitting in a 45-minute meeting that could have easily been taken care of on zoom.

23. Non Drivers

Accelerating through yellow lights, ignoring traffic signs, not checking blind spots, improperly merging, not using turn signals, cutting people off, tailgating, and the WORST! using your cellphone while driving...

Do you blow through stop signs or fail to yield when it’s required of you? Tsk tsk! Those signs are there for a reason... and How many times have you been on a freeway onramp and found yourself behind someone who doesn’t understand how to merge? Probably no signal...  If you don’t tell other people where you’re going, how can you expect them to know?

The worst is when drivers slow down to turn without putting their blinker on

And last but not least... if you don't know already, talking while on your cell phone is distracting, and distracted driving is dangerous driving; it puts you and others at risk. And don’t even get started on texting while driving conversation... That’s got to be the biggest no-no of all!

24. Bringing smelly meals to the office

As we move into a more contemporary open concept loft type office setting. Fish in the office microwave? Please, do us all a favor... refrain from bombing the workplace with your bogus bottom feeder brunch

25. Co-workers who forget to turn their mic on during Zoom calls

Zoom should be common practice by now for the cubicle crew. Get your *ish together and click the mic with the line through it before you start running off at the soup coolers 

26. Technical difficulties of any kind

They're just always the WORST! Because anything running smoothly would be too much like right

27. Always being late

Chronic tardiness is the WORST! (see blog post W!K w/ Time)

28. Constantly canceled plans

Life happens—we get it. But if you always have last minute excuses, it just gets old. Do you wanna be friends or nah?

29. Lending someone something and never seeing it again

Yeah, glad you could use that and I'm happy you could take advantage of the long term utility benefits of MY PURCHASE... No worries... it's not like I wanted it back or anything.

30. People who don't wash their hands after using the restroom

Why I have been forced to swap my greetings to a less contaminating fist bump...

31. Messy Roommates 

If you don't live alone, and I'm not your f*cking mom... clean up after yourself!

32. Wanting to split the bill equally when it's not really equal

Yeah, you must be drunk if you think I'm paying for the 4 double shots you just ordered... We need to be going double DUTCH!

33. WORST! someone who expects you to pay

Hey alligator arms! Stop shorting me and reach for your wallet 

34. Confusing personality traits for astrological signs

Oh, yeah, you're a Scorpio? Well, it doesn't give you an excuse to be a @SShole.

35. People who talk to you while you're reading

I know you see me reading... Can I help you?!

36. Unsolicited advice

"You ain't got the answers Sway!"

37. Typos in emails

Can you really take an email seriously if there's a typo? The WORST! is spotting one in your own email after it's already been sent!

38. Someone who doesn't flush the toilet

REALLY?! This should be an involuntary action by now... Don't you smell that? How can you possible forget???

39. Having your name written or pronounced wrong

I can get over the 1st couple times... but at some point, they need to actually learn the correct way. Otherwise, ya BOGUS! AKA the WORST!.

40. Seeing a close friends on social media without interacting with your posts

You watch all of my Stories, so where's the love? #worstkind


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