WORST!Kind Creed – W.O.R.S.T!Kind Global

WORST!Kind Creed

We are the WORST!Kind... We proudly don the privilege of the W!K**Coat of Arms in the self-indulgent arena of the WORST!


We Stand exalted as W!Knights in Armor! Combat equipped for the checkered strategy board of life and W!Karma.


We Honor the Code! And Pledge our Allegiance! We are W!K**Dignified Masters  as we wear and share our credence…


We are Gurus of the WORST!Kind **Benevolent Assassins with ready shields on the inevitable battlefields of the WORST!9… And always Semper fidelis to the pledge, and for the enlightened freedom of being !Kind


We are relentlessly persistent in our endorsement, Combating intemperance with the philosophy of W!Enforcement.


 mindful to always look and put our best first; Embrace our own, but “Be leery of the WORST!


We pay constant tribute to the movement on the surface… 

Cloaked in WORST!Kind, we allow our wardrobe to be taken over by fashion on purpose…