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"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom."

James 3:13, NIV:


In essence, to always be awake, or

WOKE is to be ever vigilant. Aware of the truth and going to war with the placation of deceit...

WORST!Kind are the self-assured...

Waging war as a form communication for the purpose of dynastic ambition, love, religious sectarianism, and political ideology.

Cognizant of the underlying things “Mr. Global” doesn't want you to know

Consciously Combating the inevitable threat of emotional manipulation…


Woke is War When…

You are being pulled by a force that you just cannot conceal.

That compelling energy of guidance when you do not know quite how to feel.

Regardless of closed minds, yours just cannot be sealed.

Conflicted but follow your heart and truth will be revealed…

Although Criticism, ridicule, and mockery are for sure,

Remember We Ostracize our Relatives, Strangers, and Trusted friends for intentions impure.

Be leery of the WORST! Evading pessimistic allure,

Equipped with emotional intelligence through self-awareness is the cure…

  WOKE is War Statement Collection

Woke is War when…

All day long you stay focused and on the grind.

With dynastic ambitions present for the generations behind

Giving out game time after time without charging a dime,

But their lack of execution means “that *ish don’t work!” Now who’s the WORST!Kind???

Knowing enlightenment breeds wealth but most strive for poor man shine

In the rat race reckless! Stuck in an imaginary box like pantomimes


**Grind WORST! Busy Bee 2 Bee Free** Statement Tee

Woke is war when…

Love is in the air!

All the concerns in the world and you just do not care.

No more dating cesspool! So, you lay down your hair…

Whispering sweet nothings, intimate snuggles and hugs like a bear,

Love is unique and ultimately rare…

But lack of emotional intelligence escalates the WORST! so you must prepare

Disappointment, different lovers, distant stare,

This is when you realize love can be so very unfair…

Now your back on the horse premature to healing,

Getting kicked in the heart by old hurt and back in your feelings…

But to truly be in love one must learn how to fully love themselves,

Putting inhibition to the wind and leaving red flags to drunken brain cells…


**Love WORST!** Statement Collection

Woke is war when…

You have to be friendly with red and blue knowing both are your enemy

You’re given the right to vote but feeling like it’s a waste of time and energy

Questions Arise, “Who are we electing when no one is defending me!?”

The WORST! Are at still at the top while we are barely standing free!


Regrettably, our countries powerful Heirs are corrupt and full of pollution.

We must know ejecting ourselves from civic engagement offers no solution.

Despondency and self-pity achieve nothing! Know your WORST!

We must topple formidable obstacles, Stop Talking and Quit Bluffin!!

Self change comes first!

**City on Fire** Statement Collection

Woke is War when…

Religious ideology is a joke,

People think church is just begging and bespoke.

The anointed wear their faith strong under a cloak

Forsaking God every event just to fit in with world folk…


But Judgement is the Lords, so it doesn’t pain me to see

Sex, Drugs, and alcohol can be your god or any choice of your favorite deity.

I can only speak of the goodness of the Lord when I give personal testimony

Because he is my rock and the one who sustains me


But conviction and the presence of the Holy Spirit makes some feel out of place

Give them the “Good News” and they get all on your case

You try to witness and the WORST! laugh right in your face!

But my Jesus is real, and I’d rather die than to not live in his grace…

**WORST!NGRAM** Statement Collection 


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